"Learn tools and strategies"


"It is so enlightening to speak openly with others who share the same heartache and learn tools and strategies to help with our sad emotions. I've used EFT for some time now and rate it enormously, especially as you can use it on yourself, in the privacy of your own home, as often as you feel the need”

"able to give of their precious time"


“Kelly – Founder of The Dovecote and all its beautiful, strong, amazing and empathetic members have been a true blessing through the darkest moments of my grief. The support, love and understanding of the community is incredible and wonderful. This group of women (now, my friends) have had so many struggles, heartaches, overwhelming sadness and yet are still able to give of their precious time to help and provide comfort and caring compassion. I am so grateful to have found the Dovecote Community. I am not quite sure how I would be dealing with my grief without it”

"This has given me personal confidence"


“I would like to say how much The Dovecote has changed my life. I've only been part of the organisation and community for a short time and already they have given me the power to stand up to people about my feelings about childlessness. This has given me personal confidence and I am now able to enjoy life more. I would like to say a personal thank you to Kelly for all her words of support and sharing her own experiences and for setting up The Dovecote”

"You can say how you feel and people will get you"


“I’m so glad I found the Dovecote via the UK Glamour magazine. The Dovecote Community provides people who have experienced infertility and treatment for it with a voice. You can say how you feel and people will get you. Also you are reminded you are not alone when things hit you out of the blue. Example of mine is that, I think I am doing ok and then I see a baby with its parents and there is something about that baby and I find I am in tears. Or I think I shouldn't feel the way I have after IVF and realise how much it has affected me. Hearing how others feel reminds me how I am not alone”

"an endless source of hope and encouragement"


"Kelly and the Dovecote Community have provided a safe and supportive place to share the highs and lows of life post IVF for me. I've met new friends with like-minded views and found an endless source of hope and encouragement for my own design practice and projects. I can't thank you enough xx"

"support when I'm angry"


“This site to me has been a god send. I always felt kind of bitter sometimes. But being here has made me realise that I'm certainly not alone. Feeling that way without knowing anyone else in the same boat as you is devastating. It can destroy you. But here you won't get judged for saying exactly what you think (for example the motherhood challenge) all my friends assume I'm happy and lucky I'm not so "tied down" but they never see it from my side of the coin. Here I get support when I'm upset, support when I'm angry, even sharing the happier things in life I get a welcomed response. I urge people I meet if they are having troubles like ours to join. This is the best site I've found for this. I tried others but was made to again feel like I should just enjoy my life the way it is. Hard thing to do when the only thing you want is 100% never going to happen for you. I find this place calming. Amusing (in the sense that people also share funny stories etc) supportive and just downright fantastic”

"I'm not the only one feeling this"


“This site gives me a safe place to vent the emotions that come with infertility, the feelings which are socially unacceptable and misunderstood by my family members, these are feelings of bitterness, and resentment without being judged or trolled. Because of that and knowing I'm not the only one feeling this I have found support and hope that one day the bad days will become less and the good days will be more frequent. I feel less inadequate as a woman and less isolated than I did. I hate and blame myself less than I did and I care for myself better”

"The group has given me hope"


"I feel very fortunate to have found Kelly and the wonderful women that make up The Dovecote Community. It is so comforting to meet other women who understand the enormity of the emotions, pain and devastation that infertility and childlessness can bring. The group has given me hope in some of the darkest of my days and has really helped turn my mood around from the bleakness to starting to feel excited about our future again"

"I feel most comfortable as a member"


“Before finding Dovecote, I had been a member of another couple of communities for Childless by Circumstance women. Whilst those had been good places, The Dovecote has been the one where I feel most comfortable as a member. The main reason is that Kelly comes across as a very warm, caring woman, and this approach is so evident in the mood of the community. The community feels safe, non-judgmental and open to anyone who knows what it feels like to be childless by circumstance. When I joined I was at a very low ebb, and couldn't really see how I could be fulfilled without my own children. In Dovecote I have been able to express my doubts and fears, knowing that my fellow members will respond with empathy and honesty. Since being an active member, I have gradually felt lighter and regained my sense of hope, and I do think it is in large part down to being a part of Dovecote. I still have dark days, but the community is very much about hope and inspiration, I find it an absolute tonic.”

"I'm far more positive"


"Finding the Dovecote has literally changed my life. Meeting women in similar situations to me has helped me to see that there is hope and purpose on the other side of the sadness and grief we felt when we stopped trying to have children. I'm now planning a new future, following my dream to teach music and I'm far more positive that excitement and meaning are something I can find again. Thanks to Kelly and and the lovely ladies of the Dovecote, my life is finally on the move again!"