National Fertility Awareness Week 2016

The Dovecote is delighted to be supporting ‘Fertility Network UK’s’ National Fertility Awareness Week which begins on Monday 31st October to Sunday 6th November 2016.

What is the importance of National Fertility Awareness Week?
Fertility issues are all too often misrepresented and misunderstood. It’s common for media attention to be focused on stereotypes of fertility struggles: the 30 – or 40 – something career woman who’s left it too late; the against-the-odds IVF success story or the woman who’s apparently easily come to terms with childlessness – but this is far from the real picture.

During National Fertility Awareness Week we aim to highlight the unseen, intimate and day-to-day reality of fertility issues, to overturn commonly-held misconceptions about fertility and to shine a spotlight on untold fertility stories.

‘In the UK, 1 in 6 couples experience the pain fertility issues bring. Even if you don’t have direct experience, you probably know someone who does – a family member, friend or work colleague.’

The five focus areas for this year’s media campaign are:
  • The myth of the middle-aged would-be-mum: fertility issues in your 20s and early 30s
  • The truth about fertility treatment: IVF fails 75 per cent of the time; what is it like to face multiple rounds of treatment?
  • The hidden half: men are just as likely as women to suffer from fertility issues
  • Facing up to childlessness: coming to terms with childlessness is too often portrayed as a straightforward process when the reality is far from that
  • Life after successful IVF: the taboo of secondary infertility and can life as the parent of an IVF miracle ever be normal?
  • * So what are we asking of you? Quite simply help us to raise awareness and raise funds so we can continue to help and support The Hidden Face.

How are we getting involved?

Our #HiddenFaces Dovecote Community Poster

There is often lots of shame associated with childlessness, our #HiddenFaces Dovecote Community poster features 33 members of the community. For many, this was the first time these courageous members have shared their circumstances with their friends, family & the World.

Hidden Faces

“I chose to put my picture on the poster because it helps me in my journey in coming to terms with my own infertility and it will also, hopefully, help other people who need somewhere to turn.”

“Thousands upon thousands of women around the world are childless without choice. Their loss is whacked by social judgement and exclusion. Loving The Dovecote's #HiddenFaces campaign. We're not alone.”

Our poster designed by one of our Dovecote Community Members,

Berenice Smith - @hihellolovely


Sharing our #HiddenFaces pictures & quotes

With great strength & courage our members shared their #HiddenFaces & reflections on what it means to deal with childlessness which are being used in #NFAWUK’s campaign.

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Get involved

Video for #HiddenFaces: Kelly Da Silva - The Grief of Childlessness YouTube

Video for #HiddenFaces: The pain of never: Jessica Hepburn YouTube

Please visit our Facebook & Twitter sites for further information & to keep up to date with our latest updates for the #NFAWUK and our #Fertilityin5 words.

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